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I like to think of this as a game developer's version of a musical cover. In high school I played a mobile game called Galcon, itself an indie game made by one person. Over the Christmas break I wanted to make another small project and decided to try my hands at cloning that game. The premise is simple: conquer territories to increase your numbers so that you can conquer more territories to increase your numbers so that... again and again until you're the last one standing! 

Gameplay is also incredibly simple. Click on your territories to select them, then click on an enemy's territory to attack. Or you can click and drag to select as well as target, and this lets you target your own territories to send reinforcements. In the bottom right corner you'll see a little half-circle button next to the pause button, this lets you toggle between 4 settings for what fraction of a territory's units are sent when attacking: 50%, 75%, 100% and 25%. Territories generate units at rates determined by their size, with larger ones producing units faster. But be careful as they're also a bigger target! 

Install instructions

Windows: Run the installer, say yes when it asks if you trust it, and then enjoy.

Android: Go to Settings -> Apps & notifications -> Advanced -> Special app access -> Install unknown apps -> Select whichever browser you use and toggle "Allow from this source". I recommend turning this back off immediately after installing.


Galclone for Windows (v1.4) 4 MB
Galclone for Android (v1.4) 10 MB

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