A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Inspired by the concept of laser cooling, Laser Game Ball is a physics based game of skill for Windows and Android devices. Use a laser to push the ball, guiding it around without hitting any obstacles.

In Endless mode you're tested to see how long you can survive, while more and more deadly hazards spawn. The coins you collect in this mode can be used to purchase cosmetics that let you change the look of the ball.

In the Campaign, you must get the ball to the finish, often while navigating narrow passages, collecting diamonds and avoiding all the hazards.

Install instructions


Download the .exe and run it, Windows will warn you about installing stuff you found online, but it's okay, this one is safe.


Go into Settings -> Security, scroll down and toggle on "Unknown sources". (*be sure if this was off before to turn it off again after you've installed *). Then download and open the .apk to install the game.


LaserGameBall.exe 4 MB
LaserGameBall.apk 11 MB

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